The After Eleven Blues Club
Montreal's Favourite
motley horde of


"Three out of twelve Montrealers are unlikely to be conspicuously wrong"

The After Eleven Blues Club

Tastier'n crawfish broil and at least twice as ugly, The After Eleven Blues Club take it upon themselves to deliver you Southern Heat in East-Coast Cool...

Hailing from the four corners of the globe, and more, their dynamic lineup will fix your wife's headache lickety-split and get you up an' dancin' like ye' got ravenous squirrels in yer' draws.

Once described by Jabbo Smith himself as

'The hottest tomales in town',

Richard Wagner was heard to have remarked

"I'd lay down my last nickel to get me an earful o' those hot-doggin', jelly-rollin', custard-creamin', lemon-tartin', cole-slawin', drum-stickin', coffee-pottin', orange-juicin' swingers".

Our Lineup

The After Eleven lineup is subject to constant change, but often includes:

Guitar/Resonator Guitar | Five-string Banjo | Tenor Banjo | Banjolele | Violin | Musical Saw | Trumpet | Clarinet | Piano Accordion | Upright Bass | Washboard

and gang vocals from out of this world

Our Personnel
The After Eleven Blues Club is made up of travelling bums hailing from Canada, The United States, France and Australia. They are mostly itinerant musicians, blowing about on the wind with a whistle on their lips and a bindle on their backs, with not a care in the world to speak of.

As such, the lineup will vary according to availability of personnel, and rail schedules.

Current personnel are:

Our Music
Shiny new self-titled album, available now! Sold in a brown paper bag so you can tote it around in the streets with impunity.

Bandcamp Page Coming Soon

From Bar Mitzvahs to burials, we have you covered for any occasion. Our lineup can be adjusted to suit all budgets.

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The After Eleven Blues Club